Save Money with Outsourced Accounting Services

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Outsourced Accounting Services can help your business by saving money and freeing up valuable time for managers and owners of the business. Many businesses decide to hire in-house accounting staff which can be a costly mistake. You can save at least 25%-50% compared to hourly or salaried staff by utilizing outsourced accounting services in your business. For one fixed price you can have all accounting and bookkeeping tasks handled by a team of accounting professionals.

Why do outsourced accounting services save so much money?
We are motivated and experienced which allows us to work much more efficiently than internal staff. We work with many businesses and must manage our time wisely in order to provide the best possible service to each client. Internal staff does not have the same motivations and often times they work at a slower pace. In addition you avoid payroll taxes and employee benefits which can be very costly in some locations.

What services are included with outsourced accounting services?

Typically some or all of the following services are included:
1. Accounts payable processing and management (vendor bill payments)
2. Accounts receivable processing and management (invoicing, statements and deposits)
3. Payroll processing and payroll tax compliance
4. Monthly bank and credit card reconciliations
6. Monthly financial statement preparation (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement)
7. Recording all transactions in your accounting software (Quickbooks, Wave, Xero, Etc.)
8. Budgeting and projections.

Contact us today to discuss the outsourced accounting services we offer. We will create a customized accounting solution based on your business needs.

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